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I came in to see Claire Smith for colonic hydrotherapy because of my bloating. The staff were very welcoming and after the treatment I immediately noticed less bloating and felt revitalised.

D. Muford

I booked in to see Claire for Colonic hydrotherapy to help with my indigestion and constipation. I found the treatment helped to reduce the toxins I had built up over time and the advice she gave me about diet and introducing fruit and veg juices into my diet has helped me lose a few pounds and feel a lot better after my second visit.


I found Colonic Hydrotherapy very helpful and it helped me a lot with my digestive system. I am seeing Claire since one month and she is really great.


Claire was absolutely wonderful !! She explained the process step by step. Throughout the treatment she explained what will happened next. Was very supportive and patient.


I would urge anyone who has never had a colonic before to get it done asap!!!! Whether it would be to cleanse your body for the first time!! Or if you suffer with constipation like me.
I starting to receive colonics about 10 years ago, u will not believe the results and u feel like a new person…. Even the following day. Claire is so amazing, she cares, is very professional with her work and takes the time to talk to you and give you some extra tips on food and life style changes that will help you along the way. Thank you Claire xo

Terri Sparkes

I was an extremely reluctant candidate for colonic hydrotherapy, but after one more disastrous evening spent in the bathroom I was persuaded to go ahead. Being so self conscious that I will not even have a massage as it means getting undressed this was a big step for me! However, Claire made me feel that it was the most natural thing in the world to take your clothes off, dress up in a hospital gown and lie down on the couch ready for ‘action’.
She explained everything in such a way that I wondered why I had resisted for so long in the first place and the treatment itself was dealt with in such a way that the embarrassing bit was over in a second and I was being ‘cleansed’ before I knew it!
What colonics mean to me is Peace of Mind. I haven’t had any painful lengthy bouts in the bathroom since my first treatment 18 months ago and I feel that with occasional return visits that should remain the case


Today I came to see Claire, for hydrotherapy, to clear out my colon and to improve my health. and yes! it helped bowel movement. the treatment did what it said it’d do.


I have a flatulence and constipation problem. I saw Claire for colonic hydrotherapy. I felt light and lots of air came out. It was much a better treatment than I originally thought. I felt so relaxed during and after the treatment. I’ll be coming back again.


I have been suffering from constant pain in my lower abdomen accompanied by a constant ache. When I left after this treatment the ache was minimal. I have booked the 10 day detox treatment, which involves another treatment in 10 days. I was also given a course of treatments to take to assist my cleansing. Would highly recommend! I feel great!


I have seen Claire just to try out the colonic hydrotherapy and I really feel lighter and happier about myself!


It was absolutely fantastic, I felt clear, refreshed and totally happy within my body. I felt relaxed throughout my treatment and very at ease with Claire. I have raved on all week about this being such a positive treatment and am coming back, my view is to book in every 3 to 6 months.


I had heard about Colonic Cleansing from a friend, who’s friend had the treatment and felt so much better for it (as well as losing a few pounds). I did some research to find a qualified person near by to speak to and hopefully visit. I eventually found Claire and after a quick chat made an appointment convenient for me. This initial visit entailed having a detailed chat about my habits and diet after which I was given the best advice for my needs. The environment and procedure in itself was comfortable and respectful, and I felt the benefits immediately after my first treatment.

I would highly recommend given the diets, fast paced and somewhat unhealthy lifestyles many of us lead today you consider this treatment, please use a qualified org/person to conduct however.

Due to her extensive knowledge and ability to put you at ease Claire Smith who is a member of the Guild of Colonic Hydrotherapists is the person I would not only recommend but retain as my expert guide in this field.


After a long battle with my irritable bowel, I did all I could to put off having to resort to colonic irrigation. The preconception of having a stranger sticking a tube into my ‘intimate’ regions did not seem like a prospect I relished.

However, after trying every fibre supplement and IBS friendly diet known to mankind and seeing an equally baffled gastroenterologist who knew less of my condition than I did, I decided to take the plunge.

Of course, there is no dressing up a colonic irrigation. It’s hardly something I boast about in the pub or tell prospective lovers. However, it really is an aspect of my life I now thank goodness I have embraced.

Nearly two years on since the first dreaded appointment I now look forward to the feeling it gives me and the obvious good it’s doing my body.

It has kick started my bowel and cleared out what must have been about 20 years backlog of things which should have come out years ago.

I feel healthier, lighter and I in fact – loathed to admit it – no longer dread the experience.

Claire is the main reason for the drastic turnaround in my attitude to this treatment which is still seen as a little left wing for the more conventional among us.

From the start, she has put me at ease, reassured me, and made a fundamentally unpleasant experience very ‘enjoyable’. She has to boot, listened to more of my life stories than a therapist could ever bear.

Each session gets easier as the bowel begins to clear itself and work on its own again and after the first painful session, nothing could ever be as bad. But you have to go through the tough to see the results. It would be like breaking a sweat on your first session at the gym and never going back.

Yes, the first time is painful and it’s certainly a rather unnatural sensation to have your body filled up with gallons of water but there really is no gain without a little pain.

The pain has now gone away and other than a little discomfort here and there, my bowel is happier than it’s ever been. I still have the odd symptom of my IBS but nothing like I used to be. My skin is clearer, digestion more effective, and I am more energetic.

As Claire promised, things have improved and colonics have now become a fundamental element of my life in terms of ongoing health and well-being.

However, it is thanks to Claire’s sensitivity and bedside manner that I have persisted.

I was the envy of the group when I attended a detox programme in Thailand earlier this year, the veritable old hand, reassuring the hesitant patients that it really isn’t as bad as it seems. And it really is worth it.