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The Ultimate Detox clinic is based at Ashlins Natural Health in East London and has been providing top quality colonic treatments for more than a decade.


I hope that this web site will answer many of the questions you may have about this deeply cleansing therapy, but please contact us if you have any more specific queries – just call 07563 954241


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Colonic Hydrotherapy

A gentle internal bath which will leave you feeling refreshed and cleansed.


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10 Day Detox

Get results fast with our 10 day cleanse. This includes 2 sessions of Hydrotherapy, mini peppermint belly rub, nutritional advice, herbal enema and specialist supplements to deeply cleanse and re-balance your system.

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Liver Cleanse Package

A specifically tailored 7 day programme including 2 sessions of hydrotherapy, detoxifying diet, Liver cleansing herbs and coffee/herbal enema.


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Constipation is commonly identified as a condition where the faecal matter is so tightly packed together, that bowel movements are infrequent, with difficulty and much straining.


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“I came in to see Claire Smith for colonic hydrotherapy because of my bloating. The staff were very welcoming and after the treatment I immediately noticed less bloating and felt revitalised.”

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