New Year, New You, New Detox Plan

We tend to treat ourselves to things that we enjoy but are not necessarily good for us in the name of Christmas celebrations. However, indulging in unhealthy food and drink over the festive period can leave us feeling sluggish as our bodies try to eliminate all the toxins we’ve ingested, and it’s not until the beginning of January that we start to feel the consequences and notice the weight gain caused by the festivities.

This is why so many of us decide to try change our diet and bad habits in the New Year by taking on a detox plan. There are many detox options available, from beauty treatments to juice diets, but some of these focus on restoring the natural health of your internal organs more than others. One of the best areas to target when planning your detox after indulging over the Christmas period is the natural function of your colon.

Why should you keep your colon healthy?

Your colon is a vital part of your digestive system. It absorbs water into the body and expels unwanted toxins that may have been consumed through unhealthy foods. Over time, particularly if we neglect to provide our bodies with the healthy diet it needs to work properly, old waste matter can start to build up on the walls of the colon and this prevents it functioning correctly.

It can lead to constipation, bloating or even toxins being sent back into the body through the bloodstream, leaving us feeling tired or unwell. The longer this is left untreated, the more problematic it can become to your health, which is why it is so important to detox your colon periodically, especially after a time of overindulgence.

An effective detox for the colon

Eating a healthy diet, including copious amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, is important to maintain a healthy digestive system. However, this won’t necessarily get rid of old waste that has built up on the walls of your colon. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a gentle treatment that cleanses the colon of built up waste through repeatedly flushing the system with water. The result is a cleaner colon that will function more effectively.

However, this is not the only benefit of Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments. Many of those that have experienced a treatment notice that they immediately feel  lighter and rejuvenated. Energy and vitality levels improve as your system works better and you will find that you feel  healthier in general.