At your first appointment I will take a detailed case history and explain any aspects of the treatment you are unsure about.

You will be left in privacy to undress and change into a gown which keeps you fully covered during the treatment.

During the treatment itself you will be lying comfortably on a treatment couch. A small speculum is gently inserted into the rectum and warm water passes through this in to the colon. All water is filtered through a state of the art filtration system which removes all impurities.

All waste that passes from the body is discretely transported directly into the drains without odour or mess. The warm purified water is run gently into the colon, when slight pressure builds up the water is released and removes with it faeces, gas and mucous.

Light abdominal massage increases the natural muscular action ( peristalsis ) of the colon and this helps loosen old faecal impaction, dislodging toxic waste and pockets of gas.

Eliminations during subsequent therapy sessions can be even more substantial as older, hardened, impacted matter is removed from the walls and pockets of the colon.

I will make a careful evaluation of the response from your body during the first session and then be able to advise what additional steps and treatments should be taken.